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Office’s Vision

Osher Elkayam – Law Office was set up to provide an all-inclusive response, under one roof, to companies and entrepreneurs in general and personal clients specifically in the office’s fields of expertise: land and real estate, commercial and business law, and the elderly. Our duty is to provide you with a personal, professional, quick and at eye level service in the office’s fields of expertise for the whole variety of legal services – from the negotiation stage, continuing with continuous conduct along with the authorities and third parties, until the completion of the task to the client’s satisfaction. All of this is to be conducted with the close guidance and support of practical tools which will help you in dealing with the world of law and the expected challenges within it.

Our office views your success as ours. Hence, you will receive the peace you need knowing there is a law office by your side throughout the entire process.

משרד עורכי דין

Attorney and Economist

Osher Elkayam

Attorney (economist) Osher Elkayam is a double honours degree graduate in law (LL.B Magna cum laude) and economics (B.A Summa cum laude). After many years of accumulating a great deal of precious experience and knowledge in the central crossroads of the worlds of law and business in Israel, Osher Elkayam LL.B established his office aspiring to personally provide his clients with the most professional and the most quality legal service. Osher Elkayam LL.B has a unique expertise, vast experience and extensive knowledge in offices fields of operation and provides his clients with a high uncompromised level of services in which he has specialised over the years.

Experience, Excellence and Professionalism

Our office aims at giving services at the highest level of excellence and professionalism in the market, while giving counselling and tools based on the many-year-experience accumulated in the fields of specialisation.

Every Step of the Way Guiding at any Time and any Place

Our office grants a full quality legal service for the entire process in all our fields of expertise to our clients’ full satisfaction, 24/7 and all over Israel.

Formulating Legal Strategies

Our office specialises in formulating personally suitable legal strategy for each client, according to his or her requirements.

Giving Creative solutions

We specialise in giving creative solutions based on our experience in a manner corresponding with the law and the ruling for the legal guidance and counselling which will fulfil the client’s legal aims in the best manner.

The Office’s Fields of Operation

Our duty is to grant a personal, professional, comprehensive, quick and at eye level service in the office’s fields of operation. One can find the whole spectrum of legal services at our office – from the stage of negotiation, continuing with the continuous conduct with the authorities and to the completion of the task to the client’s satisfaction. All of these are to be performed with a side-by-side guiding and support of practical tools to help you withstand the world of law and its expected challenges. 

Real Estate and Land

Purchasing an Apartment

Almost all adults will purchase a property throughout his or her life. To purchase an apartment in peace it is better to be prepared once reaching the deal. A professional real estate attorney could navigate the process well.

Selling an Apartment

To conduct the process of selling an apartment in best manner, it is important to have professional legal support. This way you could enjoy the best conditions of selling.

Purchasing Groups

Joining a purchasing group enables a significant reduction in the property’s costs. However, it is particularly important that a real estate attorney examines the deal ahead of time.

A Lease

Interested in renting an apartment? It is important to have a professional authority involved on your side to examine the lease’s details.

Real Estate Taxation

No one wants to pay unnecessary taxes. It is important to thoroughly examine charges of the capital gains tax, transfer tax and betterment levies. It is also important to examine whether the deal is profitable.

Purchasing an Apartment from a Contractor

Purchasing a brand-new apartment may seem like a smooth and straightforward process. However, it is important to be guided by an attorney on your side to examine the contract and take care for your own interests.

National Outline Plan 38 Projects

It is important to hire a skilled attorney for deals of national outline plan 38, which include seismic fortifying of buildings as part of urban renewal related projects.

Construction and Evacuation Projects

Urban renewal is an initiative to develop and nurture and change infrastructures in old neighbourhoods in Israel. A construction and evacuation project means the demolishing and reconstructing of old buildings.

Commercial and Business

Company Establishment

Company establishment includes a long tiring bureaucratic process. Are you establishing a company? To ease the process, it is recommended to be guided by an experienced attorney throughout the process to make sure all processes are conducted legally, to submit the required documents to the authorities and to recommend about performing tasks intelligently.

Founders’ Agreement

When establishing a startup company or another business entrepreneurship which includes a business membership of several entrepreneurs, a founders’ agreement must be signed to prevent any future disputes. The wording of such an agreement will be made by an expert attorney.

Establishing a Partnership

Establishing a partnership is forming a legal association in which several persons unite to run a joint business or initiative for making profits. Controversies and disputes may arise in a partnership. To create a profitable and far partnership for all sides, it is important to sign a partnership agreement guided by an attorney.

A Commercial Lease

You own a commercial property that you would like to rent. To protect your property a professional commercial lease must be signed to grant you legal protection. It is important to be updated about the important matters in such leases to be prepared for the signature stage.

Commercial Litigation

To represent commercial cases in court, a law professional attorney who is well acquainted with commercial cases related rules and regulations is needed as such cases count as more complex. A litigator will have an enormous influence over the case’s chances of success.

Liquidation and Dissolution of Partnerships

To represent commercial cases in court, a law professional attorney who is well acquainted with commercial cases related rules and regulations is needed as such cases count as more complex. A litigator will have an enormous influence over the case’s chances of success.

The Elderly

Wills and Inheritances

It is recommended for each person to write a will to prevent disputes and nonexecution of will related problems. Writing wills legally should be done in the presence of a professional and experienced attorney and under his or her guidance so that the inherit heirs could execute the will easily and with no disputes.

A Continuous Power of Attorney

Who will make the most important decisions in a person’s life after he or she could make them himself or herself? A continuous power of attorney which enables appointing proxies for managing the person’s issues in situations of incompetence.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is an opportunity of enjoying independent residence and a supportive and protected environment for the elderly. Making sure the agreement was honestly and legally done is important here as well.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is relevant once the heirs of the deceased are incapable of dividing or managing the estate independently. To appoint an executor, one must mention it in the will clearly and according to the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

The office is located on the second floor of the Seven Star complex, 4 Lishansky street, Rishon Lezion.

The office offers services in the fields of land and real estate, commercial and business law and the elderly.

The office is active on weekdays from 9:00 to 21:00. IF you wish to receive services out of office hours please contact the office. 

By phone: 073-380-8763, by email:, or by filling a contact form on the website.

אושר אלקיים משרד עורכי דין